Essential Oil - Lavender - 10 mL
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Essential Oil - Lavender - 10 mL

Product Code: AB06

Packaging temporarily available in french only. Bilingual packaging soon!

A nice selection of Abieze essential oil for your olfactory happiness!

Can be used in your DIY recipes or in your diffuser.

Available in the following varieties:

- Lavender
- Balsam Fir
- Eucalyptus Globulus
- Clementine
- Grapefruit

Format 10mL

$13.00 /1
Retail price: $13.00 /1
Lavender: has several properties in cleaning the house. It is bactericidal and antiseptic in addition to purifying our ambient air.
Balsam fir: clear forest scent, antiseptic, sanitizing and deodorant. Origin: Russia

Eucalyptus Globulus: refreshing fragrance. Antibacterial, antifungal, airborne antiseptic, to name a few. Origin: China

Clementine: energizing, positive and relaxing.

Grapefruit: Very invigorating, antiseptic, refreshing and also serves to clean the air. Origin: Argentina


Keep out of the reach of children.  Do not ingest.  The use of essential oils is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children under 3 years old.