Abieze - Sodium Percarbonate - 1 kg Box
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Abieze - Sodium Percarbonate - 1 kg Box

Product Code: AB01

**This product is perfect for our Menstrual Pads and Reusable Wipes care. Recommended and approved by Öko Créations.**

Sodium Percarbonate is THE must-have, eco-friendly household product for tackling stubborn stains or adding to DIY cleaning products such as laundry soap and dishwasher tablets! Non-toxic and biodegradable, it is an excellent, eco-friendly alternative to bleach or borax.

It is especially useful as a pre-treatment for laundry thanks to its stain-fighting, whitening and disinfecting power. It can also be added directly into washing machine drum.

- Releases "active oxygen" on contact with water;
- Whitening: restores radiance to graying or yellowing white linens;
- Stain remover: effectively removes organic stains: blood, tea, coffee, chocolate, red wine, fruit, fat, perspiration, carrots, tomatoes, lipstick, herbs, etc .;
- Purifying, ideal for cleaning tile joints and terraces;
- Air freshener;
- Powerful cleaner and degreaser;
- Increases the effectiveness of detergents thanks to its alkaline pH and its water softening effect.

This product is an environmentally safe, odorless, white, granular powder. It is composed of sodium carbonate (or soda crystals) and hydrogen peroxide.

Soda crystals are a surfactant that allow surfaces to be cleaned.
Hydrogen peroxide (or active oxygen) is a bleaching agent.

The combination of these 2 compounds makes it a product with cleaning, whitening, but also deodorizing and stain-removing properties.

Abieze are a passionate about ecology local compagny who offer products:
- Proudly made (finish products) or assembled (raw ingredients) in Quebec, Canada
- Vegan and not tested on animals
- Biodegradable
- In plastic-free and recyclable packaging

Assembled in Quebec, Canada
Ingredients: Sodium carbonate, peroxyhydrate (Na2CO3 1.5H 2O2)
Format: 1Kg
In recyclable cardboard packaging

$17.85 /1
Retail price: $17.85 /1

Care Instruction for reusables pads

Consult our Care Instructions Manual.


Pre-soak: stain remover, bleaching agent, disinfectant:

Soak the fabric with 1 tablespoon per liter of warm water. For menstrual pads, be sure to rinse with water before soaking to remove as much blood as possible.
For white laundry, soak for maximum 6 hours, and for colored laundry, soak maximum 1 hour **.

Washing machine instructions:

1 to 2 tablespoons for a regular load of white laundry.

2 tablespoons for a small load of cloth diapers or reusable toilet paper.


*This product is perfect for our Menstrual Pads and Reusable Wipes care. Recommended and approved by Öko Créations.
** Be careful with colored items, because Percarbonate is a whitener!



- Keep out of reach of children;
- Harmful if swallowed. Do not swallow;
- Avoid contact with eyes and skin. May cause severe eye damage;
- Keep away from flammable materials and all sources of ignition;
- Do not mix with acids in a closed container (gassing);
- Do not use on aluminum, waxed, lacquered or painted surfaces;
- For laundry, be careful with delicate textiles and colored laundry. Do not use sodium percarbonate on woollens. Sodium percarbonate can discolor sensitive colors; do not soak colors that are not very stable in a concentrated solution. Always test on an inconspicuous area;
- May aggravate a fire: oxidizer;
- Keep product away from heat, sparks and flames and close tightly after use.