5 Benefits of Using Öko-Pads

By Gwendoline Duchaine


Washable??? Menstrual pads?? Admittedly, just the concept used to gross me out. Yuck! Wash my period blood? No way!


And yet … after some reflection and research, I tried it. And guess what?! I’ve made the switch and it’s changed my life!


Without further ado, here are five benefits of choosing washable menstrual pads:


1- Maximum comfort


I never would’ve thought they could be this comfortable! They are extremely soft, discreet and odourless (unlike disposable pads that smell disgusting, make you itchy and are constantly uncomfortable).


The organic cotton allows your skin to breathe and prevents overheating, on top of being incredibly soft.


I can barely feel them in my underwear, and that’s a great feeling!


2- Supreme absorbency


Hemp fibre is very absorbent. Much more absorbent than a disposable pad! This material is also naturally antibacterial.


The pads become more absorbent after multiple washings, which is why you should wash them two or three times before using.


3- Natural, eco-friendly, zero waste

Every month, most menstruated person go through a huge amount of pads and tampons, filling up garbage cans and taking decades to decompose. Washable menstrual pads, like cloth diapers for babies, have a huge positive impact on the environment. They are completely reusable from one cycle to the next.


4- Affordable


One washable pad lasts about six years. The price of a starter kit, depending on the brand, can be around $80. Do the math! How much do you spend each month on your period? It doesn’t take long to pay off. Another benefit? You’ll never run out. No need to rush out to the store if your period arrives sooner than usual: you’ve got everything you need at home.


5- Easy

I was convinced it would be too much work, but after trying them out myself, I discovered it is really easy to clean reusable pads.


You can wash your pads one of two ways, with or without soaking:


Soaking: Soak used pads in cold water (to prevent stains) up to 48 hours, then wash them in a regular wash cycle.


Dry storage: Store used pads in a breathable, waterproof bag (no odour if they’re allowed to dry) and wash every 48 hours. Do a cold rinse cycle and then a normal wash cycle.


Dry your pads in the sun when possible, since this will helps sanitize and chase away stains. You can also dry your pads in the dryer!



The icing on the cake? They are so cute! Öko-Pads are pretty! So I am definitely convinced. Thank you to Öko for making my period more comfortable every month!