New Generation of Öko-Pads

New Generation of Öko-Pads | THE Reusable Cloth Pads

We are so proud to introduce you to the new generation of Öko-Pads! Our reusable cloth pads are made in Canada and have been redesigned to better meet your needs.

Take a look at the improvements.


Etoile-bleueNew Brand Image

Let’s start off by telling you about our new brand image. We wanted our name to make a splash, so we dipped our brushes in bright colours and got to work. Our new look stands out from the competition: vibrant and unforgettable.

Our talented designer and friend, Soefara Jafney Jaafar, enchanted us with her pen strokes: she’s the artist behind the new characters you can see on the poster. We wanted our characters to reflect our values: diversity and inclusion!

We are very happy with the result. 

What do you think?


Etoile-bleueIndividual Storage Pouch

Here’s an innovative new product that will make the switch to reusable menstrual pads even easier!

Meet our individual storage pouches: your best friend when you’re out and about!

Let Séverine tell you all about it: “They’re small and fit easily into your pocket. It’s super practical to pop over to the bathroom to change your pad, no matter where you are!”

Carry your clean pads with you in their individual pouches, and when it’s time to change, pull a clean pad out and replace it with the used pad. Remember to pull the little “to wash” label out so you’ll know which pouches need to be washed when you get home. Practical, right?

Our individual storage pouches work with all Öko-Pads models. You can also use them with other pad brands, as long as the pad fits inside. 



Etoile-bleueImproved Shape

Let’s take a look at our new and improved shape: Öko-Pads have been redesigned with a shape that is wider at the front than at the back.

Why did we make this change?

Our designer, Audrey, tells us: “After trying multiple pad prototypes, I realized that when the pad was widest at the front, it didn’t slide backwards during long walks. The new shape, paired with the organic cotton backing means a pad that stays in place better than a narrower pad backed with slippery polyester.”

Wear your reusable pad as long as you need thanks to this improved, more comfortable shape.



Etoile-bleueImproved Wings

Check out the changes we’ve made to our wings and snaps!  The wings on our washable cloth pads are now wider and have a pair of snaps instead of just one.

Faiza explains why we made this change: “We realized that with wider wings, the pad stayed in place better. The shape of the wings lines up with the edges of the underwear gusset. The width of the wings helps prevent the pad from slipping side to side when walking. Increasing the surface area of the wings makes the pad more stable.


Etoile-bleueFast Absorbing & Stay-Dry Organic Top Layer

Curious about our organic cotton top layer? All Öko-Pads are now made with a natural fibre, fast absorbing, stay-dry top layer. Pads are available either dyed or undyed.

Kim explains the reasons for this change: “We have tried different fabric types for the top layer of our pads. We were looking for a fabric that would have a stay-dry effect and be fast absorbing, while also being made of natural fibres rather than the usual synthetic fabrics on the market.

We chose an organic cotton jersey fabric; the tiny openings in the weave allow liquid to pass through to the absorbent hemp core. The result? Faster absorbency and an improved stay-dry effect. Naturally antibacterial hemp remains of course an indispensable textile for the composition of our pads.

Our sanitary cloth pads are now available in a purple version to meet the needs of those looking for a darker fabric to better camouflage stains. The undyed version, a favourite for those with sensitive skin, will still be a part of our collection.”


Etoile-bleueAvalanche of Colour

Meet our limited-edition prints: an avalanche of colour, inspired by la Belle Province!

Marie-Noël will tell you about it: “Karine and I are passionate about Québec and about drawing! The prints in our limited collection are the result of 2 years of collaboration. 

With the arrival of this collection, you can now read about the inspiration for each print. We are so lucky to be a part of such a rich and inspiring culture that we are excited to share with you in true Öko fashion.

Here are the descriptions of our Chasse-Galerie and Colibri prints:

Chasse-Galerie: The Chasse-Galerie is a French-Canadian legend still told to this day! As we love retelling traditional tales by reversing the genders, we drew women in the flying canoe. These lumberjack women, isolated in the forest, sealed a pact with the devil in order to travel quickly to their families on New Year's Eve!

Colibri: Inspired by the apple trees in blossom at Montreal’s Botanical Garden, the Colibri print symbolizes the arrival of spring with its sweetly scented promises of renewal.



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