New partnership with Savonnerie des Diligences - April 2018


Since the beginning of Öko Creations’ adventure, the owners and creators have been keen to offer reusable merchandise locally produced with responsible fabrics and
certified packaging, to enable a zero waste lifestyle.  Why?  Because from a sustainable development perspective, to avoid harming future generations, we must consider three different spheres (social, economic and environmental) to achieve a compromise.




A pioneer in this type of business (2008), the sewing workshop is located in Laval, employs local seamstresses and even offers them yoga classes to avoid injuries! The choice and provenance of the textiles are controlled and the scraps are reused to the maximum to avoid a waste of resources. Sales packaging is minimized and FSC certified. When you want to pay attention to the environment, every gesture counts and Öko Creations is well aware of it.

Unfortunately, it is still a marginal choice today, because of its high financial cost (compared to a factory in China) but the positive repercussions on the community are immediate and it favors the Quebec economy! It is hard work to defend the environment while the government does not necessarily help this kind of healthy practice. That's why Öko Creations decided to join forces with other companies that share the same values.



Did you notice that products from the Savonnerie des diligences are now available for purchase on the Öko Créations website? If you do not know this business, here is what you need to remember: Established in the Eastern Townships since 2005, this small family business has nothing to envy to big businesses : quality natural products, a respect for people and environmental awareness, what more can you ask for!

Just like Öko Créations’ products, the Savonnerie des diligences offers practical means to move towards a daily zero waste lifestyle. Their products (skincare, household products... and even products for dogs!) are handcrafted in a desire to return to traditional methods, without toxic ingredients or unnecessary packaging. It includes, among other things, unique soaps with "legendary properties", facial creams, deodorants, etc. All their ingredients are edible and their containers are minimalists.
Since 2016, they even have a zero waste product line which is completely waste free and is packaged in Mason jars, which has allowed them to reduce their plastic consumption by 60% from the first year.


Unity is strength

The establishment of a partnership can only be beneficial to these two beautiful companies, who by making this choice to invest in Quebec can help consolidate the local economy. Their ethical and environmental values are quite honorable and their products make a lifestyle more respectful of the environment on a daily basis achievable. So do not hesitate and try their products!




Aurore Lecocq

Stay-at-home mom aiming for a zero waste lifestyle, student in Sustainable Development at Laval University and in Environmental Sciences at Uqam, also a graduate in Sustainable Energy Resources at Uqam.


If you are not familiar with the soap making technique (saponification), a visit to their workshop is mandatory. Since June 2007, they even have a mountain café called "Le Refuge" that will allow you to extend your visit, thanks to a healthy culinary break in a green setting.  In addition to offering various local products and soaps, the company helps various organizations: solidarity markets and fundraisings are part of their recurring activities.  Finally, the Savonnerie has received several awards including Regional Winner of the Quebec Tourism Awards 2012 and 2013 and three times finalist in Environmental Excellence Awards (2008, 2010 and 2016).