Make the Easy Switch to Zero-Waste Coffee


Zero waste living is not without compromise. If it were possible to avoid single-use items and over-packaged products and choose 100% reusable 100% of the time—all without spending extra time or money—well … a lot of the world’s current problems would be solved.

But don’t be discouraged.

The most sustainable changes are the easiest changes, and making your caffeine addiction a zero waste one is pretty darn simple.

When buying coffee on the go, we all know that remembering to carry your own reusable cup is all about habit. Plus, many cafés offer a discount on drinks served in your own cup.

But what about your home brew?


What is behind single-use packaging?

If you buy your coffee off the shelf, you’ll be familiar with the thick bags or tins that coffee is sold in. The problem with these containers is that they’re composed of multiple materials, making them difficult or impossible to recycle.

Big chain grocery stores and independent cafés alike sell coffee beans in bulk, but the provided bags are again either the multi-layer polyethylene and aluminum variety or resource-intensive paper.

If you normally buy your coffee pre-packaged, switching to bulk is already a step in an eco-friendlier direction. And if you already buy your beloved beans in bulk, why not purchase them (whole or ground) in a 100% reusable bag? (And if you use K-Cups … well, I do encourage you to stop!)










Buy coffee in zero waste mode


Enter Öko Creations’ Reusable Hemp Coffee Bulk Bag: the most ecological and aesthetically pleasing way to caffeinate yourself at home! And they are made locally in Canada too from natural eco-friendly hemp!

Simply bring it with you wherever you buy beans (this is honestly the hardest part … the remembering), fill it up and bring it home. If you grind your beans at the store, fear not: there are no seams inside the bag, so the precious coffee grounds won’t get stuck in the creases.

The bag closes like a dry bag: fold, roll and close with the snap! Now you have a handle and you won’t spill the beans.

You can store your beans in the bulk coffee bag on the counter or transfer them into your favourite container. The bag is lined with a waterproof, food-grade film to keep things fresh for several weeks, just like the single-use bags I always struggle to close properly!

The possible uses for your Öko Creations’ reusable coffee bag go well beyond the beans. Bulk tea and spices—pretty much any sort of dry goods you can imagine can be bought and stored in this bag. You can note the product number with a washable pen on the side label.


Did you know that some cities or municipalites offer grants for purchase of zero-waste product, like Saint-hippolyte and Vaudreuil-Dorion? Take a look in our directory of municipalities offering grant!



Lindsay Gallimore

I have been an Öko product enthusiast since 2013, when I had only one child. Now I have four, including twins, and the whole gang loves their Öko Creations products. I'm a blogger at MamanLoupsDen.com and a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST), as well as being a stay-at-home mom and an eco-warrior.