Caring Set for First Menstruations
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Caring Set for First Menstruations

Product Code: OK5000T3

We are delighted to present to you our perfect set, specially designed to accompany young individuals through their menstrual cycles. At our place, the priority is given to high-quality products, all locally manufactured in Quebec.

Menstrual Pad & Liner

A high-quality, soft, and absorbent menstrual pad designed to ensure optimal comfort throughout the day. A matching liner for protection in case of vaginal or menstrual discharge, ensuring peace of mind throughout the cycle.

Heating Pad

Our heating pad is the ideal companion for relieving cramps and providing warmth and comfort. It pairs perfectly with the Mauvaises Herbes  Moons Ointment.

Mauvaises Herbes - Moons Ointment

A soothing ointment formulated to relieve discomfort during periods. 100% vegan and made from carefully selected natural ingredients.

Informative Guide - First Period - French

A comprehensive guide containing a wealth of information about the first menstruations. Designed to be read alone or with a trusted person, this guide offers advice, tips, and useful information.

This caring set was created with care to provide knowledge and comfort to young individuals during this important stage of their lives. Offer it as a thoughtful gift that encourages self-confidence and provides practical support.

Retail price: $88.95