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100% Proudly Designed, Created and Produced Locally at our workshop in Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada.

At Öko we celebrate diversity and we know that every person's body is unique!We are constantly working to improve our products for the optimal comfort of each of you, which is why we offer you a satisfaction guarantee.

Questions about Öko-pads? Visit our Care Instructions Manual or our FAQ!

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Öko-Pads Kit - Discovery Kit - Reusable Pads
Öko-Pads Kit - Starter Kit - Reusable Pads
Öko-Pads Kit - Pantiliner Kit
Öko-Mini - Mini Panty Liner for Thong
Öko-Mini - Mini Panty Liner
Öko-Liner - Reusable Panty Liner
Öko-Pads Regular - Menstrual Pads
Öko-Pads Long - Menstrual Pads
Individual Pouches Limited Collection - 2-pack
Dual Pocket Mini
Interlabial Pads
  • Interlabial Pads
  • Code: OK2008
  • Improve the effectiveness of reusable menstrual products!
  • $8.99 /4-Pack
  • Retail price $8.99 /4-Pack
Hang Drying Strap
Öko-Clean - 100% Natural Stain Remover
  • $11.99 /1
  • Retail price $11.99 /1
Öko-Capsule - Whitening Stain Treatment