Reusable menstrual products made from ecological hemp.

At Öko we celebrate diversity and we know that every person's body is unique!
We are constantly working to improve our products for the optimal comfort of each of you,
which is why we offer you a satisfaction guarantee.

Contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you!

Government subsidy available for purchase! Find out if you are eligible by visiting our page: Subsidy for reusable hygiene products

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Gift Set - The Most Wonderful Time of the Month
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Öko-Minis - Hemp Mini Panty Liners (x2)
Öko-Minis - Hemp Mini Panty Liners for Thongs (x2)
Öko-Liners - Hemp Panty Liners (x2)
Öko-Pads Regular - Hemp Menstrual Pads (x2)
Öko-Pads Long - Hemp Menstrual Pads (x2)
Dual Pocket Mini
Öko-Pads Complete Kit - Hemp Menstrual Pads
Hang Drying Strap
La Brise Verte - Sodium Percarbonate 500g
  • $7.50 /1