Öko-Capsule Whitening Stain Treatment - Unscented
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Öko-Capsule Whitening Stain Treatment - Unscented

Product Code: OKOCAPS01

Visit our Product care guide for reusables pantyliners and menstrual pads for the whole process.

Caring for your reusable menstrual pads has never been easier or more eco-friendly!

Reusable pads are easy to use but sometimes the idea of washing them can be a roadblock. 

You might wonder what the right wash routine is or which cleaning products are best. Using ÖKO CAPSULES will make your wash routine easier on you and the environment. These little cleaning capsules will be your pads’ new besties!

Our brand-new ÖKO CAPSULES, created in Canada in collaboration with Filo, are perfect for caring for your Öko-Pads. Offered in a compostable bag of 20 capsules and available in two formulas: unscented or neroli (orange blossom).


- Stain remover: Effectively reduce organic stains, such as blood, grease, grass, etc.
- Whitening : Brightens whites.
- Ecological: Eco-Friendly bleach alternative, colour-safe*.

Why do a stain treatment?

- You want to prevent or reduce stains on your pads.
- Your pads seem less absorbent over time.
- Your pads have a bad odour after washing or when they’re wet.
- Your pads have started causing irritation without explanation. 

How to use:

Two methods of use for pad care: 
   - Pre-wash treatment :
Rinse or soak your pads in cold water to remove excess blood. Dissolve 2 Öko-Capsules in a bucket with 1 liter of warm water. Add the reusable pads and soak between 3 to 12 hours. Wash as directed by the manufacturer. 
   - Washing machine treatment:
Add detergent as normal. Add 3 capsules to the drum of the machine. Add your pads and wash in warm water. 

Compostable bag of 20 capsules
Two versions available: Neroli (orange blossom) or unscented
Made in Quebec, Canada

1x $5.95 /Pouch of 20 capsules
$3.30 /Pouch of 20 capsules
45% discount
5x $5.95 /Pouch of 20 capsules
$2.50 /Pouch of 20 capsules
58% discount
Retail price : $5.95 /Pouch of 20 capsules

Environmentally safe ingredients. Vegan and not tested on animals. Free of phthalates, parabens, and GMOs.

Ingredients: Sodium Percarbonate, natural fragrance (Neroli variety only)


Always confirm the manufacturer's instructions before washing or treating your pads with Öko-Capsules.
Store capsules in an airtight container once package is opened.
Do not use with leather, silk and wool blends.May irritate eyes and skin.
Do not get in the eyes, skin or clothing.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not mix with products containing ammonia, chlorine bleach or other chemicals.

* For colored laundry, soak maximum 1 hour