Öko-Pads Kit - Pantiliner Kit
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Öko-Pads Kit - Pantiliner Kit

Product Code: OK5017C

The Panty Liner Kit includes

2 Öko-Mini: Super trim panty liner. Perfect for daily use, back up with a menstrual cup or menstrual spotting.

2 Öko-Liner: Light panty liner. Ideal for light flow days.

2 Individual Storage Pouches: Ideal for discreetly transporting your pads (clean or used) when out of the house.

Why choose this kit?

This kit is perfect as “back up” for tampon or menstrual cup users or for those practicing the free instinctive flow method. If you typically wear thong underwear, we recommend our Öko-Mini for Thongs. Öko-Pads are designed for adults. (If you’re looking for a smaller pad design for petite sizes or adolescents, consider Öko-Teens.)

How do they work?

The top layer of fabric (in contact with the skin) is made of a specially woven organic cotton that absorbs liquid quickly. Pads are available undyed (perfect for sensitive skin) or dyed (perfect for hiding stains). The absorbent core is made with naturally antibacterial hemp fleece.

Similar to conventional pads, a set of wings holds the pad in place. Instead of an adhesive, Öko’s wings secure with super thin snaps. The pads are shaped to help prevent them from slipping backwards.

Individual Storage Pouch

All Öko-Pads are compatible with our individual storage pouches: An ingenious system to discreetly transport your Öko-Pads and easily separate fresh pads from used ones (sold separately).

Simply pop out the ''To wash'' label when you insert a used pad.

$61.91 /1
Retail price: $61.91 /1

*Some towns and municipalities offer a grant for the purchase of reusable menstrual products. Find out if you are eligible by visiting our page: ''Grants for reusable menstrual products (french only)''

Öko Creations Guarantee

At Öko we celebrate diversity and we know that every person's body is unique! We are constantly working to improve our products for the optimal comfort of each of you, which is why we offer you a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you!