Planette - Marseille Soap Block - Household soap
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Planette - Marseille Soap Block - Household soap

Product Code: PL01

Planette offers us a real Marseille Household Soap Block made from 72% olive oil. Sold without packaging, and therefore a zero waste essential. It is an outstanding stain remover; it gets rid of all the stains like blood, grass, red wine, fruits etc…. Also, it is very effective on oil and grease stains. Based on olive oil, this soap does not foam much and will last you for years!

The Marseille soap we use does not contain glycerin. Glycerin produced naturally during the hot saponification process is removed along with the impurities. Thus, this soap does not clog surfaces, clothing, or the piping of appliances.

Its properties: cleaning, disinfectant, biodegradable in 28 days, hypoallergenic, degreasing and durable!

Genuine Marseille soap does not contain
• No coloring
• No synthetic adjuvant
• No animal fat
• No additives
• No synthetic fragrance
• No preservative

The block is your ally for
- untie clothes
- detach the reusable accessories (washable diaper inserts, washable menstrual pads)
- Make a "dish cake" so use it to wash your dishes with a scouring pad

Tip from the Planette family!
Cut your block into various pieces! Considering the fact that this soap doesn't lather much it is very durable so even a thick slice can last for weeks! Put some in the laundry room, at the cottage or even in your handbag to miraculously remove a stain of tomato sauce from your blouse! A versatile product to have on hand!
$10.00 /1
Products sourced from a Canadian company.
Manufactured in France.

Ingredients: Fatty acids from olive oil sodium salts, Fatty acids from vegetable oil sodium salts, Salt water.

Format: 300g *

* ATTENTION: the 300g is the weight that the block weighs at the time of its manufacture. It is normal for this weight to decrease when it is dry. So the block you receive will not weigh 300g. In addition, during drying, it changes from green (the color of olive oil) to golden beige.

Planette imports Marseille soap directly from one of the last soap factories in Marseille, France in order to avoid replicas that contain chemicals and to ensure the quality of the soap we use.

If your block has a thin layer of white powder on top, it is sea salt (indicator of the drying process). Simply rinse your pad with water and then use it!

Urban legend: Marseille soap is a very fatty soap since it is composed of olive oil
FALSE! All soaps are based on oil which, through a process of saponification (hot or cold) and the addition of various ingredients, results in soaps with various properties! In Quebec, the majority of soaps are made from coconut oil. However, olive oil is not fatter than coconut oil, they are just two ingredients of different origin!