Öko Creations - Reusable Toilet Paper
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Öko Creations - Reusable Toilet Paper

Product Code: ok4002

Who says going zero-waste has to be boring?

Initially launched as an April Fool’s joke in 2021, “I Don’t Give a Crap!” reusable toilet paper is now available from Öko! Given our love of potty humour and all the positive feedback we got after our prank, we realized we had to bring our joke to your john … for real!  

Our team pushed hard to plop out the best prints for the collection. You’ll find the classic skid marks; crowd favourite, the morning after the chili-eating-contest; the majestic toilet bowl and more! Give your rear the gift of soft, thick, organic cotton flannel and flush that thin and irritating paper for good. Our “I Don’t Give a Crap!” reusable TP is manufactured and screen-printed right here in the bowels of our Boisbriand workshop. You can use it with or without a bidet!

How to use with a bidet:

1. Do your business
2. Rinse with the bidet
3. Pat dry with our reusable TP
4. Place used TP in a designated receptacle or wet bag until washing
5. Wash, reuse, repeat! 

Without a bidet, simply wipe as you would with disposable paper and skip to step 4!

Our reusable TP will keep you regular AND amused … with daily zero-waste number one’s and two’s!

Made in Canada
Set of 8 ''paper''
2-ply 100% organic cotton, screen-printed on one side
Package-free (tied in a roll using cotton ribbon)


$17.49 /8-pack
Retail price: $17.49 /8-pack
Machine wash warm with detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Machine or air dry.