Interlabial Pads
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Interlabial Pads

Product Code: OK2008

Öko Creations’ Interlabial Pads are an eco-friendly (though lesser known) reusable textile menstrual product in the shape of a petal or teardrop.

The pad is placed directly between the vulva’s inner labia. Note, however, that it is never inserted into the vagina. Interlabial pads are designed to redirect, absorb and/or slow down the flow of liquids (blood, discharge, urine). They are a favourite among those with a very heavy flow or those worried about leaks. Used in combination with menstrual pads or period underwear, they reduce the risk of leaks and offer added protection to improve the effectiveness of reusable menstrual products.

They can be used:

During menstruation

(Primary purpose)

Interlabial pads are often used in combination with other menstrual products for a heavy or very fast flow of blood.

They offer additional protection for sudden, rapid flow during the day and help prevent leaks overnight.

For discharge* They can be used alone to absorb daily discharge.
For urinary incontinence* They can be used to absorb light bladder leaks. 

*see note at the end of the page

How do they work?

The interlabial pad is folded or rolled and placed between the labia (external use only). Blood will first pass through the interlabial pad before hitting the menstrual pad or absorbent portion of period underwear. There are several ways to fold and position the interlabial pad depending on your needs:

If your flow pools in the centre of your pad:

If you often have leaks near the wings of your pad, this method is for you! The interlabial pad is folded in half as shown and placed lengthwise between the labia. Get the best results with the folded sides towards you.


If you are a front bleeder or back bleeder:

This technique guides your flow towards the centre of the pad. The interlabial pad is folded in half, widthwise, and placed between the labia with the folds facing away from the body.


If you have a heavy flow:

If your pads overflow after 2 hours and you use up your entire stash in just a day, interlabial pads will help you stretch out the time between changing your pads, acting like mini boosters. Instead of changing your pad 2-3 times in one afternoon, you need only change the interlabial pad. The interlabial pad works best for this purpose when rolled lengthwise between the labia.


Use and care:

When youuse the toilet, don’t forget to remove the interlabial pad before sitting down,otherwise you’ll have to go fishing! Caring for your interlabial pads is thesame as caring for your reusable menstrual pads. Visit our care guide! Ifyou’re not at home, you can transport and store you interlabial pads in ourDual Pocket Mini.

  • Dimensions: 10.5 cm x 5.5 cm
  • Made in Quebec, Canada
  • 64% organic cotton, 36% hemp
  • Sold unpackaged in sets of 4
$8.99 /4-Pack
Retail price: $8.99 /4-Pack
Note that product dimensions may vary slightly.

Wash interlabial pads before first use.
Do not use fabric softener, bleach or scented products when washing.
Interlabial pads are for external use only: do not insert into the vagina.
Discontinue use in the case of any discomfort.
*If your mucous membranes are sensitive or prone to dryness, use this product carefully and only when you are comfortable; for example, only during heavy flow days.