NakedSwab - Reusable Bamboo Eco-Swab - Set of 2
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NakedSwab - Reusable Bamboo Eco-Swab - Set of 2

Product Code: KR01

Save the environment while saving yourself money and space. NakedSwabs come in a compact case that replaces over 2000 single-use cotton swabs! With both your needs and our planet in mind, NakedSwabs are made with medical grade silicone, 100% bamboo handles, and come with alternative tips for optimal use. Whether you’re touching up your makeup or cleaning your outer ear, our reusable swabs provide the precision and ease you need.


1 NakedSwab = up to 2000 uses
2-Pack: 1 textured tip swab, 1 rounded/pointed tip swab
Medical grade, sanitary silicone tip
Eco-friendly, sustainable 100% bamboo handle and travel case
Rinse after use with water and soap for a quick and easy clean

How to Use

For those little makeup accidents, dip your rounded/pointed swab in makeup remover for the best touch-up experience! To clean your ears, stroke the textured tip gently around the outer surface of the ear only. Just like a traditional cotton swab, NakedSwabs are NOT meant to enter the ear canal. Entering the ear canal can cause injury. 

$13.99 /1
Retail price: $13.99 /1

Why Bamboo?

Most reusable swabs on the market are made with resource-intensive, non-biodegradable plastic handles. We decided to go one sustainable step further: Bamboo. One of the world’s most eco-friendly materials, bamboo is grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and is naturally renewable. Not only is it the fastest growing plant, but it also has the ability to absorb significant amounts of unwanted carbon dioxide and produce much-needed oxygen into the air! 


Do not push the swab into the ear or the nose.
To clean the children's ears, handle only by an adult.


From a Canadian distributor and manufactured in China