Öko-Flow Kit - Starter Kit
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Öko-Flow Kit - Starter Kit

Product Code: OK53003

Period Underwear Öko Flow

The Starter Kit Includes

4 Period Underwear Öko-Flow; Versatile 2-in-1 undergarment with a waterproof built-in liner for light absorbency (light discharge or spotting)

8 Removable Inserts (dyed); Slide one or two inserts into your Öko-Flow undies and change as needed to customize absorbency depending on your needs

1 Waterproof Pouch; Ideal for carrying extra inserts or Öko-Flow underwear.

1 Öko-Clean 100% Natural Stain Remover; Concentrated formula with Marseille soap

Why choose this kit?

This starter kit offers a good selection of Öko-Flow products to provide several days and/or nights of protection for menstruation, vaginal discharge or light bladder.

How do they work?

Wear the underwear on its own for light discharges or add one or two inserts for menstruation or heavier discharges.

Made of high quality and carefully selected textiles such as naturally antibacterial hemp and organic cotton, Öko-flow's period underwear are perfectly in line with the company's human and ecological values. With no added PFASs or Nanosilver, the company made the conscious decision to use a food grade polyurethane membrane (PUL) for the waterproofing of the Öko-flow underwear in order to protect human health by limiting the use of chemical products.

The Öko-Flow collection is the perfect choice to start a gentle transition to reusable intimate products. They are easy to care for, comfortable, durable, absorbent and machine washable. They are also economical in the long run, so you won't have to buy disposable menstrual products every month for years to come. Plus, your municipality may offer subsidies for the purchase. 

Try them and go beyond your flow!

  • Starter kit include: 
    - 4 pair of undies with built-in liner 
    - 8 removable insert (dyed)
    - 1 waterproof pouch
    - 1 Öko-Clean 125mL
  • Composition: 
    Underwear: 94% organic cotton, 3% elastane, 3% polyurethane (foodgrade) exclusive of thrim.
    Insert: 73% organic cotton, 27% hemp.
    Pouch: 88% organic cotton, 12% polyurethane (foodgrade) exclusive of thrim.
    Öko-Clean: Ingredients: Marseille soap, vinegar, sodium bicarbonate. 
  • Made in Québec, Canada
  • Öko Créations INC. is a women-led business.

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