More About Reusable Menstrual Pads | Öko-Pads

More About Reusable Menstrual Pads | Öko-Pads

Got questions about Öko-Pads? Whether you want to know more about their benefits, what makes them different from other menstrual products, or simply how to use them, you’re in the right spot!

crochet 65x65Why use Öko-Pads?

crochet 65x65What sizes and absorbencies are available?

crochet 65x65What are they made of?

crochet 65x65How do I use Öko-Pads?

crochet 65x65How do I wash Öko-Pads?

crochet 65x65Where can I buy Öko-Pads?

crochet 65x65Öko-Pads | Limited-edition Collection

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crochet 65x65Why use Reusable Menstrual Pads | Öko-Pads?


Many benefits for you and for the environment

Better leak protection: The hemp fleece core is super absorbent and backed by a breathable, waterproof layer that prevents leaks.

Gentle on skin: The fabric in contact with the skin is 100% natural fibre. This reduces the risk of skin irritation, allergic reactions and infection.

Reduced environmental impact (and spending): We estimate that 10,000 menstrual products are thrown out in a lifetime. The lifespan of an Öko-Pad is at least 6 years. And don’t forget the money saved each month by not buying boxes of pads!

Comfort: Öko-Pads are truly comfortable thanks to their ergonomic shape, thin design and soft texture. Plus, since hemp has natural antibacterial properties, they help control odour.


Made with care:

Classic-Marie-montre Subventions

We are proud to offer high quality products made in Québec, Canada. We have been gaining expertise in the manufacture of reusable menstrual products since 2009, long before these items were readily available on the market. The research and development process for Öko-Pads involved years of tests, trial and error, and a quest for the best materials. The materials that comprise each Öko-Pad have been meticulously selected for their comfort, function, durability, and their environmental impact. Using organic cotton, hemp fleece, a waterproof layer of laminated cotton and ultra-slim snaps, we have created an Öko-Pad that provides unmatched comfort for the user.


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crochet 65x65Available Öko-Pad Sizes and Absorbencies


There are 5 different sizes of Öko-Pads, depending on your needs:

Oko-Mini-Classic Oko-Tanga-Classic Oko-Liner Oko-Reg.Classic Oko-Long-Classic


Öko-Pads | Classic Collection:

- Single print
- Individual storage pouch included
- Packaging: 100% FSC cardboard box

crochet 65x65Öko-Pads | Limited-edition Collection:

- Different prints and themes
- Individual storage pouch, sold separately
- Packaging: 100% FSC hanging cardboard

Learn more about our limited-edition collection!

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crochet 65x65Öko-Pads composition at a glance:



Fast-absorbing organic cotton: available dyed (ideal for hiding stains) or undyed (ideal for sensitive skin).

Hemp: Find out why hemp is the most eco-friendly textile in our Why hemp? article?

Breathable waterproof layer: Made of organic cotton backed with food-grade polyurethane laminate.

Stabilizing wings: With two ultra-thin snaps

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crochet 65x65How to use Reusable Menstrual Pads | Öko-Pads

How to secure the pad



Easy as 1-2-3, securing an Öko-Pad is not much different than using a disposable pad.

Close the wings around the gusset of your underwear using the two snaps. The wider part of the pad goes at the front of your underwear.

Choose tight-fitting, cotton underwear for best results.


Individual Storage Pouches or How to Use Öko-Pads Away From Home

Using Öko-Pads when you’re out and about isn’t much different from using disposables. All Öko-Pads fit our Individual Storage Pouch (included or sold separately, depending on the collection).

Heading out for the day? Monday morning meetings and menstruation? No problem! When you change your pad, keep the storage pouch and:



Slide the used pad inside the empty pouch



Pull out the “To Wash” tag


The pouch has a “To wash” tag designed to be pulled out when you put your used pad in, or tucked away when your pad is clean. This way you can easily tell what needs to be washed when you get home. Super practical!


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crochet 65x65Öko-Pads Care Guide

Caring for Öko-Pads is easy. Choose the method that works best for you, in three steps (or fewer!).

1- Store your used Öko-Pads

2- Stain treatment (optional)

3- Wash day

Find our step-by-step guide in our Product Care Guide

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crochet 65x65Where can I buy Reusable Menstrual Pads | Öko-Pads?

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crochet 65x65Öko-Pads | Limited-edition collection

emballageMore colour and patterns!

This collection of bright and unique designs will seduce you! We will regularly offer beautiful new patterns, specially designed by our team. If you are like us, you will want to collect them all!


Available individually!

You will be able to fully customize your menstrual pad set according to each desired pattern and/or model, since the Öko-Pads Limited Collection are sold individually. Packaged in a 100% recyclable FSC cardboard hanging box.

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crochet 65x65The Interlabial Pad

PliageDo you have a heavy flow or are you worried about leaks? Using interlabial pads might be the solution for you! The pad is placed directly between the labia (do not insert into the vagina). An interlabial pad will redirect, absorb and/or slow the flow of menstrual fluid.

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You can check out our FAQ, or use our contact form if you need more support!


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