Why use Öko-Pads?




- Reduced number of leaks: Our hemp fleece is ultra-absorbent and each of our products has a breathable waterproof liner that prevents leaks.

- Soft for the skin: The fabric that comes into contact with the skin is made of natural fibres that haven’t been bleached or dyed.  The risks of irritation, allergy and infection are therefore reduced.

- Reduced ecological footprint: It is estimated that each menstruated person throws out 10,000 menstrual products in her lifetime. One Öko-Pad can last at least six
years. Think of the savings once you stop buying disposable menstrual products every month!

- Comfort: The Öko-Pads are really comfortable due to their shape, lightness and softness.  Moreover, since hemp has anti-bacterial properties, they reduce odors.

How do they stay in place?



You just have to snap them around your underware. 

The wider part towards the front.

The snap is thin, you don't even feel it!



How do I care for my Öko-Pads?



It's so simple and comfortable, you will not want to use other pads!




You don't know which pad to choose?  Watch this video!



Don’t forget to wash your Öko-Pads once before first use!

If you’re out of the house, fold up your used Öko-Pads and put them in your Dual Pocket Mini.  When you get home, take them out right away.  There are several ways to wash them:

The Lazy Bones Method:

Put your Öko-Pads in a laundry bucket or breathable bag. When you’re ready to wash them, put them in the washing machine for a short cold cycle, with laundry detergent and (optional) sodium percarbonate (chlorine-free stain remover, maximum 2 tbsp). Then do a regular wash cycle with cold water, adding your other laundry. To dry your Öko-Pads, you can put them in the dryer or hang dry (the sun is an excellent stain remover and is also antibacterial). Store in a clean and dry place. That’s it!

How can I avoid stains?

The natural colour of Öko’s eco-friendly textiles ensures a high level of hygiene. However, undyed textiles can stain easily. Here is how to reduce stains:

Mrs. White’s Method:

Soak your pads in cold water and add a non-chlorine stain remover (maximum 1 tbsp per 4 L of water) and/or laundry detergent. Soaking for one hour will greatly reduce stains. You can also leave a bucket of soapy water in your bathroom during your period. Put all your Öko-Pads in it. Change the water at least once a day. After a maximum of two days, wring out your pads and machine wash on a regular cold cycle.

Some other tips:

- Do an extra rinse if you have very sensitive skin.
- Hot water will make blood coagulate and stick to fabric. Always use cold water.
- Your Öko-Pads will get more absorbent after a few washes.
- Never use bleach or fabric softener: these products irritate the skin and will reduce the lifecycle of your pads.


Which model should I choose?