Öko-Teen Vaness - imperfect
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Öko-Teen Vaness - imperfect

Product Code: OK2022C

To avoid waste and to make you benefit from lower prices, we decided to offer you our products with slight defects! What exactly are the defects? It can be a double seam, a lack of color in the pattern, a curve in the pads shape a little more or less pronounced that does not correspond exactly to our standard, wings shifted a few millimeters.... Just small aesthetic imperfections that do not affect the use and pleasure of the product! 

*Consult the user guide for the Öko-Teens collection*

Öko-Teen Yuri: Lightweight panty liner, made smaller especially for teens. Ideal for light flow days.

Öko-Teen Vaness: Regular pad, made smaller, especially for teens. For regular flow days.

The top layer of fabric (in contact with the skin) is made of a specially woven organic cotton that absorbs liquid quickly. Pads are available dyed (perfect for hiding stains). The absorbent core is made with naturally antibacterial hemp fleece.

Similar to conventional pads, a set of wings holds the pad in place. Instead of an adhesive, Öko’s wings secure with super thin snaps. The pads are shaped to help prevent them from slipping backwards.


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