Our Eco-Actions

Being a responsable consumer is one of the great challenge of our time.
At Öko Creations, we take your environmental concerns to heart.
When you buy one of our products, you know that we have taken steps
to reduce the ecological impact of every stage of its production.

• We choose our own textiles: organic cotton and hemp.
  The organic textiles are certified by a internationally recognized body.

• Some of our fabrics are woven in Canada.

• Our products are all made in Canada.

• No compromise: The labels on our products are all made of organic cotton!

• The dyes used in the textiles have a low ecological impact.

• We use recycled polyester yarn for many of our products.

• We make reusable and/or durable products.




• Our packaging, business cards and advertising material are all printed on FSC
  (Forest Stewardship Council) paper. Our internal memos, when they need to be printed,
  are printed on FSC certified paper.

• We used recycled boxes to ship our products.

• We use biodegradable plastic bags for shipping and internally.

• We recuperate textile scraps by offering them to artisans.

• We recycle what we can internally.

• We support organizations by donating products, or through other actions.

• Our seamstresses are paid fair wages and benefit from excellent working conditions.