Öko-Créations: a Sustainable Canadian Brand


Our Eco-Actions

At Öko, our commitment to making the world a greener place for future generations isn't just a marketing gimmick. We manufacture and distribute zero-waste, ethically made products not because that’s what’s trendy, but because it’s what we believe in.

Our Öko-Pads (Reusable Cloth Pads) and Öko-Rounds (Reusable Makeup Rounds) have been our flagship zero-waste products since 2009 long before the concept of zero-waste existed as a marketing term.

Eco-friendly design is not only built into the products we make from start to finish and the brands we choose to carry, but also into the day-to-day operations of our company, and we are proud of our eco-actions, big and small.

Made in Canada

All of Öko’s textile products are manufactured in our workshop in Boisbriand, Québec. We do not import items made overseas and affix our tag: we make our goods in house and ship them to our wonderful retail partners or right to your home.

We prioritize partnerships with brands that share our eco-values when choosing which products to add to our online store and distribute to our retailers.


couture1Ethical Sewing

As consumers it can be convenient not to think about the workers that make low-cost textile products from overseas. At Öko our talented sewists are valued team members who receive fair wages and healthy working conditions. We draw inspiration from industry leader Patagonia in our approach, sharing their belief in the importance of maintaining a peaceful, healthy and respectful workplace.


Eco-Friendly, Long-Lasting Fibres: Hemp and Organic Cotton

While many brands use bamboo viscose as their “natural” and “eco-friendly” textile, at Öko we know that while less expensive, bamboo requires a massive amount of harsh chemicals to process it into the usable fabric that arrives on your bathroom counter.

At Öko, our fabric of choice is hemp fleece, made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Hemp is naturally low polluting because it requires no fertilizers or pesticides to successfully grow. It can be processed without the addition of chemical agents. Hemp is the most durable vegetable fibre on earth, historically used for ship sails, fishing nets and ropes, and of course now for our wonderful zero-waste products! Clients tell us they are still using our hemp products even after 10 years!

Besides being the greenest textile on the market, hemp fibre is highly absorbent and hypoallergenic and has bactericidal and fungicidal properties, making it the perfect fibre for our reusable menstrual pads and reusable makeup rounds: ecological and effective!

We choose low impact dyes for our fabrics which are also never chlorine bleached. Our organic textiles are certified by an internationally recognized organization. Even our product labels are made with organic cotton!


couture8Waste Reduction

While the products we sell may help households reduce waste, we also strive to reduce waste at our workshop. We practice the 3 Rs: reducing and reusing what we can and recycling the rest.

• We reuse fabric scraps for packaging and gift wrapping and offer them to local artisans for their own creations.

• We use boxes made of recycled material and reuse boxes when possible.

• We use Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper for all documents that need to be printed or distributed, including our minimal product packaging.

• We purchase our computer equipment primarily from Insertech, a social integration company that refurbishes electronics.


Why Choose Öko Créations?

If zero-waste is your goal, part of your goal should be supporting a company that shares your values. While there is no perfect solution to responsible consumption, Öko Creations gives you the confidence that you are supporting a company committed to the environment and reducing its ecological footprint throughout the supply chain.

Thank you for choosing Öko Creations!