Öko Creations' social involvement with their community

Öko Creations is proud of its commitment to the environment and the most vulnerable people in our society. Founded in 2009, the Quebec-based company offers reusable menstrual products, such as washable cloth pads and period underwear, with the goal of reducing the ecological footprint of menstruation and offering a healthier and more economical alternative to disposable products.

Donation of washable cloth pads and menstrual underwears

In addition to its commitment to the environment, Öko Creations has taken the initiative to get involved with non-profit organizations (NPOs) that offer social services to people in precarious situations. The company began offering reusable menstrual products to people who attend these organizations to help them save money and avoid having to choose between buying menstrual products or other basic necessities such as food or rent.

Öko Creations' decision to offer reusable menstrual products to these non-profit organizations came from observing the reality of people in precarious situations, as well as from its partnership with the RQASF. Disposable menstrual products, such as tampons and sanitary napkins, are often considered a luxury item for these people, who cannot afford them regularly. Some people are even forced to resort to alternative and unsanitary methods, such as using old rags or toilet paper, which can lead to health problems.

The benefits of donations

By offering reusable menstrual products to these NPO organizations, Öko Creations allows people in precarious situations to benefit from a more sustainable and economical solution for their menstruation. Reusable products are a long-term solution, which allows people to save money and not have to worry about having to buy new menstrual products every month. In addition, these products are environmentally friendly and significantly reduce the environmental impact of menstruation.

Öko Creations is convinced that offering reusable menstrual products to NPOs is a concrete gesture that can help the most vulnerable people in our society. In addition to contributing to the improvement of their health, well-being and quality of life, the company also contributes to the fight against menstrual poverty, which is a reality for many people.

A commitment to fight against menstrual insecurity

In short, Öko Creations' commitment to menstrual equity is a source of pride for the company and an inspiration for other companies who wish to contribute to a more just and sustainable world.



The concretization of our actions

Last updated (2023-03-24)


Donations granted 2021 : 4000$

Donations granted 2022 : 6500$

Donations granted 2023 : 1000$  (As of today)

Distribution of menstrual education kits for academic purposes : 12





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Öko Creations expresses its gratitude to its partner, the RQASF, for its valuable support in finding targeted organizations to receive donations of menstrual products.