''Mme Tignasse'' Vitality Shampoo bar

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Just like Madame Tignasse, rub this bar of soap into your wet hair, lather and rinse. The oils stimulate your hair's vitality and promote its health and growth.  Healthy, shiny hair... naturally!
All of our soaps can be used for shampooing your hair, but this one is specially formulated to promote healthy, lively hair and hair growth.

Did you know that La Savonnerie des Diligences creates a legend for each one of their soaps?

Although a name like Madame Tignasse conjures images of a person with a head of thick, unruly and unkempt hair, she was far from all of that. She was the stuff of superhero legends.?
Call her what you will – herbalist or witch – Mrs. Mophead was certainly in the prime of life. Her naturally beautiful flame red hair, stretching nearly to the floor, was so full of vitality that it seemed to bring a feeling of warmth to anyone who saw it.?
Appropriately for a woman with a red mane, she owned a large equestrian estate near a lake. Every evening, she washed up in the lake, using only her hair as a bathrobe. To care for it, she concocted her own jealously-guarded secret hair infusion with wild carrot root. After adding clary sage picked on the night of a full moon, she thoroughly massaged it into her scalp. Her hair was so healthy and shiny that it drew the looks of both men and women, young and old alike.?
Rumour has it that one year the flu was so bad that even the horses caught it. Mrs. Mophead, who was such a loner that no one knew her real name, undertook to plow her fields by hand. Her neighbours were astounded when, in the place of horses, they saw her hitched to a plow... by her locks!?

Author: Marie-Eve Lejour
Proofreader: Venise Landry
Translator: Christopher Carrie?
Copyright 2012 - Savonnerie des Diligences
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Ingredients: Oils (olive, organic coconut, beeswax), water, sodium hydroxide, carot and sage essential oils.

Size: 100g
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