Öko-Pads Regular - imperfect - Dyed Top Layer
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Öko-Pads Regular - imperfect - Dyed Top Layer

Product Code: OK1005C

To avoid waste and to make you benefit from lower prices, we decided to offer you our products with slight defects! What exactly are the defects? It can be a double seam, a lack of color in the pattern, a curve in the pads shape a little more or less pronounced that does not correspond exactly to our standard, wings shifted a few millimeters.... Just small aesthetic imperfections that do not affect the use and pleasure of the product!

*Consult the user guide for the Öko-Pads collection*

Öko-Mini: Super trim panty liner. Perfect for daily use, back up with a menstrual cup or menstrual spotting.

Öko-Mini for Thong: For use with thong underwear. Perfect for daily use, back up with a menstrual cup or menstrual spotting.

Öko-Liner: Light panty liner. Ideal for light flow days.

Öko-Regular: Regular pad. A favourite for medium flow days.

Öko-Long: Long pad. Great for overnight or for heavy flow.


The top layer of fabric (in contact with the skin) is made of a specially woven organic cotton that absorbs liquid quickly. Pads are available undyed (perfect for sensitive skin) or dyed (perfect for hiding stains). The absorbent core is made with naturally antibacterial hemp fleece.

Similar to conventional pads, a set of wings holds the pad in place. Instead of an adhesive, Öko’s wings secure with super thin snaps. The pads are shaped to help prevent them from slipping backwards.


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  • It is not possible to choose the patterns, we will send you what we have in stock.
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