Öko-Minis - Hemp Mini Panty Liners (x2)
Öko-Minis - Hemp Mini Panty Liners for Thongs (x2)
Öko-Liners - Hemp Panty Liners (x2)
Öko-Pads Regular - Hemp Menstrual Pads (x2)
Öko-Pads Long - Hemp Menstrual Pads (x2)


Öko-Teens - Yuri - Light Panty Liner + Individual Storage Pouch
Öko-Teen - Vaness - Regular Cloth Pad + Individual Storage Pouch

Period Kits and Accessories

Öko-Pads Complete Kit - Hemp Menstrual Pads
Dual Pocket Mini
Hang Drying Strap
  • Hang Drying Strap
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  • Code: OK1016D_Group
  • Perfect to help you air-dry your Öko-Pads!
Öko-Capsule - Whitening Stain Treatment