ÖKO-TEENS | Rule Your Period with Stylish Reusable Pads!


Hey you! Ready to meet the crew?

Salut!We are Öko-Teens! Want to join our crew?

Requirements? There are NONE!

Hold up … that’s not quite true.

Accept us as we are, with respect and an open mind. We want to shatter taboos and express our true colours. Ready to break the rules with us … and rule your period?

Yes?! Great! Let’s keep going!

Get to know our reusable period pads: they’re thin and soft, not to mention colourful!

On this page you’ll find:

  • How to use Öko-Teens pads
  • What types of pads we make
  • What our pads are made of
  • Where we make them … and more!



Haven’t gotten your first period yet? Wondering what it will be like? We are writing an article to help you! Will be online soon. Come back later to see if you’d like, alone or with someone you trust.

It’s smart to have a pad with you at all times. Periods have a habit of sneaking up on you … SURPRISE!

Here are the types of reusable pantyliners and pads in the Öko-Teens collection:









Also available: Öko-Teens Kit


This set is perfect to try out Öko-Teens’ washable pads and panty liners for the first time. You’ll then be able to decide how many and which type of pads you’ll need to complete your collection depending on your flow. 

This set is a great start out with Öko-Teens. Depending on your flow, this kit can cover anywhere from 1-3 days of your period (without doing laundry). 

Each Öko-Teens pad comes with its own storage pouch!



Maybe you’re wondering: "What do I do with a used pad if I’m not at home?”

Great question! It’s why we created reusable individual storage pouches: they go hand-in-hand with our Öko-Teens pads!

Whether you’re at school, work, or out on the town, Öko-Teens has you covered. Each pad comes with a small storage pouch. Hot tip: it slides perfectly into your pocket!

And that’s not all! Each pouch has a little tag marked “To wash!”

When you tuck a used pad into a pouch, pull out the tag. That way you’ll always know which pouches contain clean pads and which ones need to be washed. You’ll love it!



How do I use an Öko-Teens cloth pad?

It’s not hard! Let us explain:

Place the pad in the gusset of your underwear. The unprinted side faces you. The wider part of the pad goes at the front of your underwear to help prevent slipping.

Done? Use the image below as a guide.

Now secure the pad by wrapping the wings around the gusset of your underwear and snapping them together. Pull up your underwear and make any adjustments necessary so you’re comfy.

All done! Feeling good?

Our pads are suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper comfortable. Be careful not to forget one in your underwear! Change your cloth pad as often as you would a disposable pad.

Oh! Not sure what your flow is like? No worries, we’ve got a tip for you.
Hot tip: If you’re not sure how heavy your flow is, start off using an Öko-Teens pad at home. This way you can get a sense of how much absorption you will need and how often you need to change your pad, all in the comfort of your home!



How do you wash them?

Ahhh, that’s the big question isn’t it! Don’t worry: your menstrual blood isn’t toxic or dirty, so there’s nothing to fear.

Super important: before using your pads for the first time, you need to wash them.



Other Wash Methods:

You can also store your used pads in a wet bag (a breathable, waterproof bag, often used for cloth diapers but super versatile) or in a basket until it’s wash day. Then you can soak them all at once before sending them into the washing machine.

You can check out our complete cloth pad care guidefor more information! You choose the method that works best for you!


Up Close with Öko-Teens Pads


Yuri Réfléchi

Öko-Teens pads are made in Quebec, Canada. Oui! Right here in our workshop in Boisbriand. You can be proud to wear a Canadian-made product: exceptional quality, locally made!


Our pads are made of natural fibres: organic cotton and hemp, plus a waterproof membrane.





Pad Components


1) Stay-dry top layer:

Made of a specially knit cotton that absorbs liquids quickly.

2) Inner absorbency:

Made with a blend of hemp and organic cotton, chosen for its absorbency and its antibacterial properties.

3) Waterproof membrane:

Cotton backed with food-grade polyurethane to prevent leaks.

4) Wings:

Designed with two thin snaps to hold your pad in place.

5) Contoured shape:

Ergonomic shape to prevent the pad from slipping.

Also includes a Practical Pouch

Each Öko-Teens pad comes with its own storage pouch!


It’s okay if you’ve still got questions! We’ve included a few links below that will help.

You can always reach out to us for assistance: there are no dumb questions!

Our email: support@okocreations.ca. Don’t hesitate to email us!



A Message from the Creators

Hello everyone!

We are Karine Létourneau and Marie-Noël Beetz, the creators of the Öko-Teens collection.

Many of you have asked us over the years: “When are you going to make reusable pads for teens?”

You planted that seed! We thought for a long time about what THE best way would be to introduce adolescents to washable and reusable pads. We immediately realized that this was a golden opportunity to make a difference for our youngest customers by building a product with human and ecological values and self acceptance built into its DNA, but with a playful twist.

These ideas inspired us to create our first Öko-Teens characters, Vaness and Yuri. Each avatar represents a style of pad or pantyliner. More styles are still to come! We want to thoughtfully inspire teens by imbuing our avatars with positive characteristics like strength, boldness, and spirit. (With a punch of bright colour!)

The slogan "Rule your period” is our way of saying: “Menstruation isn’t taboo. Don’t let anything hold you back and give life all you’ve got!” As you know, there’s still so much shame around periods.

We are so excited to introduce you to Öko Creations’ Öko-Teens! This is a collection that means so much to us. We drew much inspiration from what we would’ve loved to have had access to when we were teens. This is our gift to the young people of today.

Karine et Marie xx


Öko-Teens characters created and illustrated by Soefara Jafney Jaafar