Nursing Pads with Breathable Waterproof Layer - Purple
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Nursing Pads with Breathable Waterproof Layer - Purple

Product Code: OK1035

Discover the supreme softness, comfort and quality of Öko Creations Nursing Pads! Made with hemp fleece and organic cotton, they are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to disposable nursing pads.

With our soft, sustainable, and natural fabric blend against the breast, they provide relief for sore nipples along with maximum absorbency. Waterproof and discreet, they are ideal for wearing out of the house.
The top layer is made with specially woven organic cotton that rapidly absorbs liquid and the center is made from naturally antibacterial hemp. Lastly, a waterproof, breathable layer prevents leaks.

Composition: 59% organic cotton, 38% hemp, 3% food grade polyurethane
  • Packaging: 100% FSC paper, no plastic!
  • Made in Quebec, Canada
  • Sold in 2 units box
  • Diameter size: 11.5 cm, 4,5 inches
  • Will not shrink when laundered

    $10.49 /2-units box
    Retail price: $10.49 /2-units box
    Tip: Wash your pads a few times before using them; they will be more effective!

    Product care:
    Machine wash,
    Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.  Do not iron.
    Flat dry or machine dry (medium or low temperature) 

    Your Öko Creations pads should not smell after being washed. If you notice a milk smell which persists after a wash, that can be due to a reduction in the breathability of your pads because of detergent residue, which prevents proper absorption or breathability. In this case, make sure you are not using fabric softener, reduce the amount of detergent used, try switching to a different brand of detergent and/or machine wash your pads three times with warm water and no detergent.

    The use of our Dual Pocket Mini makes it easier to carry your nursing pads when you're on the go!