Who we are?

Öko Creations is a family business founded in 2009 and managed by 2 women who are cousins: Marie-Noël Beetz and Karine Létourneau. Its mission is to help people in their transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle by offering a range of zero waste products for the whole family.

Marie-Noël and Mélanie Beetz, sisters with strong ecological and humanitarian values, are the heart of the Öko Creations family business founded in 2009.  They draw inspiration from their unique experiences in textile design, health sciences, world travel, a stint at Cirque du Soleil—not to mention motherhood—and a childhood steeped in the smells of fabrics and the whir of sewing machines. Öko is the culmination of these shared life experiences.

In 2018, their cousin Karine Létourneau joined them as a co-owner, armed with her artistic project management experience at Ubisoft and her passion for the environment and feminism.

Today, the three women at the helm of this family-owned business are proud to employ more than 18 people and to distribute their products to more than 300 retailers in Canada. They are committed to helping consumers shop smart and shop sustainable. 





And here is our great team!

Without which Öko Creations could not exist!

All these creative heads and hands are necessary to get you the best ecological products possible!